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What Is This Page?

Congratulations. You've stumbled across the page where I rant about what tools I commonly use-- not only for MAJOB, but virtually any discarded project that was going to be big or that was hosted on my old server which took a tragic pitfall in November, 2006. Below I give a little blurb about what Java, ed, and the Gimp are. They are the fundamentals for any online project.


What is Java

Those of you who are reading this have either [a] not run MAJOB yet, or [b] don't quite understand what's happening. Truth be told, Java is a lot of things-- but most importantly it is an interpreted language. When you run a .jar file, it calls on java to do all the programmed functions. Java draws the windows, gets your text, gets the webpage, and displays it for you. The JAR files just tells Java what to do; in fact, the .jar is like a guide dog helping a blind man traverse a busy intersection. The blind man (Java) can do anything he wants to do, as long as he has a helper (that is, programming code).

Why Java?

Java was Sun Microsystem's answer to C++. In turn, Microsoft's answer to Java is C#. Nonetheless, C++ is still the basis on which Java was formed. Those who know C and C++ probably understand the concept of pointers. They are a key feature not available in Java. Java, however, is object-oriented while C is not. C++ is, but to a lesser extent. Furthermore, C and C++ depend on external libraries (libSDL or openGL for graphics; gtk, xlib, qt or the like for a GUI; etc...) while Java contains everything in the interpreter, which is the reason why I chose that over C++ for writing MAJOB.

J2E? J2SE? What?

Java is a rather complicated download if only for the fact of their acronyms. The "JRE" is all you need in order to run MAJOB- or any other Java application- just so long as you keep it up to date. MAJOB works with JRE 1.6 or later. J2SE is Java's way of saying "Standard Edition." "EE" is the Enterprise edition and costs money. The JDK is the Java Development Kit. If you want to make a program that's much cooler than MAJOB (like some cool Java-oriented game you found), then you should download that and give it a tinker.


All About The Gimp

The GIMP, that is the GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a freeware cross-platform image editor that is surprisingly feature-rich for a free program. It was used to create the "Gimped" button below, the "Ed" button below, and most of the image that makes up the front of the site. The 3D part of that goes uncredited below, but it was actually created with a program called Blender. The GIMP is awesome for creating and editing 2D images cheaply. When there is a splash screen in MAJOB, it'll most definitely be created with the GIMP. It can be downloaded here.


What is ed?

Ed is the standard Linux editor. Running your favorite search engine will find hundreds of sites on the history of ed, but I would like to inform you of its light-weight design and the elitist feeling one can get from using it. It is written in ANSI C and is a classic piece of computer history which is still installed on virtually all UNIX or LINUX machines. Below you'll find the download for both windows and linux. I highly encourage you, since you've come this far, to give it a download and try running it. I guarantee that it will frustrate you at first, but now it's my primary HTML editor.

Downloading ed

For the unlucky windows users, ed isn't already on your computers (edlin might be, but it is a far cry from the original ed). For you, you may download it and install it in its own directory. I suggest moving the ed.exe to c:\Windows area so you can run it from a command prompt.

Linux users, if it isn't (by some strange move of nature) installed on your system, you can find the source code here. If you're using MAJOB, which does not support FTP yet, you'll have to use wget, or a 'real' web-browser to download it.

Buttons and things


Instead of a regular links page, it's becoming more and more customary to put some buttons at the bottom of every page. Below are all the standards that this page follows as well as all the tools used in the creation of it. This block should be found on every page.

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